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My Honey Holes

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Hey fisherman - have you ever been to a new body of water and wondered where the best place was to catch fish? I took a friend fishing recently at a little lake he’d never fished before. I know the lake quite well, at least my favorite honey holes, where I go to really reel ‘em in!    

I was keeping an eye on my friend who was pretty far away. I was catching fish, but he wasn’t having any success.  But I let him be. He was doing his thing, and I was just grateful and blessed he was out there with me.

A few thoughts came to me while I was fishing my honey holes. How often do I go to a new stretch of water, and struggle to catch ‘em, if I catch any at all?  What if I would talk with people who have fished those waters before, to get their input on what to use, where to go, when the best times are to fish, and when is it basically useless to even try to fish?  The answers could give me a greater chance of success.

I thought about past experiences when I did take input from others, yet went off on my own search for a perfect spot. I didn’t want to continue to fish only in the places I have been told were the best. I wanted to take what I heard from them, apply it with my own knowledge, and then find my own honey hole that nobody has ever told me about. My favorite fishing holes truly are those I found on my own.

My thoughts then went to my Christian walk. What if instead of trying to figure out everything about faith on my own, I would walk with other brothers and sisters in Christ to gain their inputs on what they do, and what they know, to have greater success in figuring out the plans and purpose that God has created me for? What if our combined thoughts and experiences are given so we all can have a greater chance of finding the purpose He has for each of us? And then, what if His greatest desire is for each of us to walk with Him personally, so He can reveal directly to us the purpose He has created us for?

We don’t have to search for honey holes alone, because we have brothers and sisters who are walking with us.  Still, we will never find those great spots where we can be “fishers of men” without walking with Him personally!  Ultimately Jesus is our purpose, we were created for Jesus, and Jesus is the honey hole we all are searching for. The plans He has for us are to walk with Him and alongside others as they seek their purpose, so we all come to know Jesus. 

Peace and joy my friends.

Kevin Weston 4-5-2020

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1 Comment

Jason Hamilton
Jason Hamilton
Apr 07, 2020

I am reminded of Simon Peter's encounter with Jesus when he was fishing. Jesus from the shore called out: "Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” - Matthew 4:19. Jesus calls us into fellowship with one another and himself. What is interesting is that even Jesus didn't go it alone but had his brothers in arm, the disciples, to walk closely with him. Thank you for this great reminder that we do not have to go it alone Kevin!

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