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Small Groups

for Guys

All In Men get together for all kinds of reasons.  When we do it in smaller groups we feel like we get to know each other. We can also be known...and accepted...and encouraged.  The saying about small groups is true: we're "better together," which is what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 4:12 - 'a rope of three strands is not easily broken.'

Hybrid Men's groups for Bible study - in person and online!

There's an early morning Men's group called WAMM! that meets in person at Panera and is also online!  Join us on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30AM at Panera in California, MD. Fuel up with a powerful Bible study and some coffee. Call Ben for more info at 240-561-8081.  Click on JOIN NOW to get information about this in-person and online (hybrid) small group for men.

Tuesdays at The Shop

All In Men meet each Tuesday at 6:45PM, at Don's shop in Compton. Join the fellowship at 39965 Lady Baltimore Avenue, Leonardtown, MD 20650.  Come for good Bible study, time with friends, and practical encouragement to live as men of faith who are drawing closer to God.  Call Michael at 240-298-0468 for info.

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Tuesdays on The Second Floor

All In Men have a place for young dudes to meet up each Tuesday at 6:45PM...also at Don's shop, but on the updated 2nd Floor. Come by 39965 Lady Baltimore Avenue, Leonardtown, MD 20650.  You'll get into God's word, enjoy a few friends, and find the encouraging connections you know you need!  Call Matt at 240-538-8765 or Jason at 301-373-0320 for info.

F3 = Fitness + Faith + Fellowship

Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Join a group of guys who want to grow spiritually, physically, and relationally at F3.  Thursday mornings, 6-7AM, on the football field near the Naval Air Station Drill Hall.  F3 workouts are:

  • Free of charge

  • Open to all men - come as you are

  • Held outdoors, rain or shine

  • Led by men who participate, rotating through all guys, no training necessary

  • Ends with a Circle of Trust

Check out for more info

Conquer Series - Men's group

The Conquer Series aims to help men understand and overcome their struggle with unwanted sexual behavior. This life-changing, 11-week curriculum provides insights from top Christian leaders who lay out biblical strategies and scientific facts that teach men how to use God’s weapons to become conquerors.  

The Conquer series will allow you to:

  • Explore strongholds that keep men in bondage

  • Examine the neurochemistry of addiction

  • Discover the weapons and strategies of God

  • Investigate proven strategies to prevent relapse

  • Study practical daily techniques to remain free

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