Small Groups

for Guys

All In Men get together for all kinds of reasons.  When we do it in smaller groups we feel like we get to know each other. We can also be known...and accepted...and encouraged.  The saying about small groups is true: we're "better together," which is what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 4:12 - 'a rope of three strands is not easily broken.'

Outdoor Adventures

AIM gets that guys want to get outside and do life together.  It's not the only option, but it's a great one. That's where a band of brothers can experience the hunt, some adrenaline, and the wonder of seeing God's creation.     The range of possibilities is wide open, so JOIN NOW and let us know what outdoor adventures you want to take on.

Online Men's groups for Bible study... and beyond!

There's an early morning Men's group called WAMM! that meets online, Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30AM.  Join us for fellowship and Bible study at  We also dig into books that have important ideas that matter to men, or to find accountability in our lives with like-minded guys.  Click on JOIN NOW to get information about online men's groups.

Reach out for Support

All In Men can connect you to friends and church ministries that can support you or where you can help!  We are brothers who know that our real help comes from the Lord.  We also want to be His feet and hands to offer Christ's love.  Whether it is Stephen's Ministry, or Celebrate Recovery, we can get you connected to a person or group who will be there for you.

All In For Outreach

An AIM goal is to organize the power of men for the good of others.  We want to serve our community in real and practical ways that show God's love.  AIM gets involved with our families, neighbors, and churches, where the skills and gifts of men can be used to grow God's kingdom.  Got skills?  Let us know.  Want to serve?  We want to know.  Can you lift a box?  That's all it takes.

Specialty Groups

If there's one thing we know about guys, it's that we want to share experiences side-by-side with a friend.  Our interests bring us together, whether that's hunting, hiking, the whole wide world of sports, or just building something.  If you're a movie buff, a mechanical genius, or a sharpshooter, AIM is a place where you can probably find someone who shares your passion.  Get connected to a small group and get known!