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The Good God Is Up To

All In Men are ready for our Fall Meet Ups in October. We hope you’ll join with brothers who want to bless and build each other up. Go to for details. AIM’s goal is to encourage and equip men, through fellowship, outreach, and service, to walk closely with Jesus Christ, and bring glory to God. We enjoy gathering with men from various churches across southern Maryland - and all guys are welcome, teens and up. AIM’s Fall Meet Ups will be on Tuesday nights, for four weeks, starting October 12th. Show up at 6PM for a quick dinner. Bring a side or dessert to share if you want to. We’ll hear a short talk in a large group at 6:45 and get into small groups from 7-8PM. The night wraps up by 8:30PM after we hang out for a while with new and old friends. AIM Meet Ups are at Justin’s garage and man-cave:

23680 Plum Lane, Chaptico, MD 20621. Call Ben for info (240-561-8081).

AIM has been associated with Zoweh, a ministry out of North Carolina, for many years. We look forward to rejoining their men’s retreats for worship and spiritual growth with a few hundred guys. One of Zoweh’s pillars is that transformed men, who live a life that’s been oriented by Jesus, have “Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Prove, Nothing to Fear.” It’s a catchy saying - but how does a man get to a place of confidence in Christ? What enables us to be done with hiding behind masks, proving our worth, or fearing a lot of things? The Zoweh website explains it this way:

“Once we have invited God to inhabit our hearts, He sets to work, redeeming, restoring, and setting us free. ‘The Good God is up to in our lives’ (another key Zoweh message) expresses how He is re-making us into who we are, and how each of us uniquely bears His image. The more we are transformed, the more we can release our need to (1) hide who we "think" we are; (2) prove we have what it takes or that we can control people and circumstances; and (3) fear that someone will ultimately see through our façade… Jesus lived with such freedom. He knew who he was, where he was, and the good that the Father was up to in His life, and walked with the Father and had nothing to hide, nothing to prove, and nothing to fear.”

AIM’s four weeks together for Fall Meet Ups will focus on seeking the good work God is doing in our lives. We will explore the ways He is transforming us and raising us up to be like Christ. He guides men to live in humility while empowering us with the Holy Spirit to live boldly for Him. He loves us like the perfect Father that He is, so the good He is up to sometimes feels like discipline and other times we get to hear Him cheering for us. He is always loving us and doing what’s best. Come to AIM’s Meet Ups and build friendships and bonds of brotherhood that will inspire you to discover and join God in what He is doing! Romans 8:28 confirms it, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Blessings, Ben, for the AIM Team

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